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Ivy Bar & Cabaret's parent company IvyFam Limited was founded in 2018 by Steven Mawhinney. 

Steven had been a shareholder of Ivy Bar and Cabaret since 2012 when it was mostly owned by Greig Wilson and Leon Magawon-Wilson (the Boys).

In 2018 the opportunity arose for Steven to take everything on fully and IvyFam Limited was born.


Ivy is Family, from the team behind the bar to the performers that hit the stage to our customers. We are here to support our community, some who may not be close with their born family can always have space with their chosen family.


The Ivy team is a close small team where we strive to create a fun family environment, our team is supported and heard at every level. Ideas and goals come from everyone and we hold each other to account for our commitment to our community  

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Born and Breed in the blip of a town Temuka, South Canterbury.

When he was 18 moved to Christchurch to study before moving to Wellington in 2008. 

Wellington is home for him now and he would not want to be anywhere else.

Having been involved with Ivy since 2012 and sole owner since 2018 Steven feels hugely privileged to be part of such an amazing community and blessed to have such an amazing team.

His focus is on making sure that Ivy Bar & Cabaret is 1st and foremost here for our LGBTTQIA+ community and loves working with the team and community for both himself and the bar to find new ways to better our connection.

We have come so far in our rights but there is still a long way for us to go, there are still too many of our community marginalised and feel left out, Steven wants to keep growing Ivy so as many people in our community feel like they have a place to come to be themself and be safe.

He wants his team to love what they do and feel like they are home when at work, he strives to listen to ideas from the whole team, no one knows all the answers. 

"Ivy Bar & Cabaret is more than a business, it is a community space, a place for everyone to be themself".



Matthew is from a small town in the Waikato called Raglan.

Raglan is well known for its left-hand break at Manu Bay, and its hospitality. Raglan being the small town it is, growing up there, it was always hard to connect with like-minded people (I was the only gay in the village, that I knew of), saying that, the majority of the township were very welcoming and accepting (the hospitality).


I moved to Wellington around 6 years ago to study fashion and be a part of a wider queer whanau. The queer community that I have surrounded myself with here in Wellington is so diverse, talented, and passionate.


What I love about community is that they inspire me and push me to be the best version of myself, I feel like I am forever learning and growing with the people around me.


What I love about hospitality, is literally being hospitable, looking after others, and obviously food and wine too. 

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Alex (AKA Foxy) a skilled and passonaite cocktail creator, after years of being a regular at the bar Alex joined the team early 2021. 

A human with many talents from crafing you a tasty cocktail, creating our promo, to puting their stunning make-up atristry on themself and others


 I’m a gender fluid drag preformer with a love for funny people, while not actually being funny myself. I lvoe strutyting the stage repsenting boith the Wellington Drag and Ballroom communities.

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